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How to use it?

Using the online FTP client software script is a simple straightforward process.

Create your Basic FTP log-in details

Under this section you will find numerous boxes with various Titles.Input correctly the required information. For example, the caption “FTP server” you need to enter the host address. The next box is “Port”. You must enter the relevant number like ‘21’ or whatever is the corresponding number. Then, you need to complete the username and password. Be sure to assign a username and password that is unique and that can be easily copied for your security when doing online activities. Once completed the basic FTP log-in details, you can now try logging-in and start using this free online software script for your greater advantage.

Get started

Now that you have managed to log-in successfully, navigate the online FTP server and do any of these tasks with flexibility anywhere and anytime, even while on the road.

  • Transfer files to any server
  • Upload, download, delete or filter your files
  • Search online for words or phrases
  • Zip and unzip files
  • Change directories
  • Edit files, codes, web pages and a lot more

Start editing now your website securely on any available mobile device or browser and anywhere you go, connect to your FTP server via our online FTP software script.

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